Pinsa Bianca

Pinsa Bianca

Prepare it as you want

Fresh artisanal product, based on 100% natural ingredients, matured for more than 48 hours, rolled out by hand and cooked at high temperature in a refractory stone oven.

Store in a cool, dry place. Product packaged in a protective atmosphere.

The aroma and texture of our Pinsa are perfectly preserved and arrive at your table as if they came out of our oven.

Preparation :

1. Remove your pinsa from the packaging.

2. Preheat the oven to 250°C, the upper part and the lower part.

3. Place your pinsa on the rack halfway up.

4. Cook 6-8 minutes, depending on preference.

5. For more even cooking, turn your pinsa about 180º halfway through cooking.

6. Add the ingredients of your choice.



For a traditional Focaccia, remove from the oven and add: Olive oil, rosemary and coarse salt.

Or Tumaca sauce and slices of Serrano ham.

For the greediest, add smoked salmon, cottage cheese and seasoned arugula (olive oil, salt and pepper).

Ingredientes Harina

100%Dough base

Mixture of flours (soft WHEAT flour type 00, dry WHEAT sourdough, acerola juice powder (acerola, maltodextrin), enzymes), water, salt, yeast, corn flour.