Wholemeal pizza dough

Wholemeal pizza dough

The best selection of wholemeal flour

The wholemeal flour used to make this pizza base with tomato sauce is reminiscent of the traditional flavours of Italian cooking, where a respect for ingredients and production techniques was synonymous with quality.

Applying the same philosophy, Panna & Pomodoro presents this pizza base made with wholemeal flour, where quality and tradition receive the same respect as they used to.

The product is modified-atmosphere packed and comes in single packs.

Ingredientes Harina

90%Dough base

WHEAT flour, WHEAT bran, water, refined sunflower and SOYA oils (GM-free), MILK, coarse moist sea salt, sugar, fresh yeast, dry yeast (raising agents, sodium bicarbonate, rice flour), maize flour.

Ingredientes Tomate

10%Tomato sauce

Tomato concentrate made from fresh ripe tomatoes (with citric acid as a pH regulator), fine dry sea salt, refined sunflower and SOYA oils (GM-free), oregano, ground black pepper.

Allergens: Gluten, Milk and Soya. May contain traces of the following allergens present in the raw ingredients: Sesame, Egg and Nuts.

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