Artisan pizza base

Traditional Italian flavours in your kitchen

The taste of Italy

We have created an artisan pizza base with a swirl of tomato sauce on top made from 100% natural ingredients.

Nothing more… nothing less.

Add your favourite toppings to make your very own artisan pizza, with the satisfaction of having made and been involved in each stage of the cooking process.

No two pizzas are the same.

Pizza dough

These are our bases for pizzas that you can find in supermarkets and specialty stores. You can also view and download our suggestions for making your own pizzas at home.


For the best results we recommend adding toppings when the dough is at room temperature. We therefore advise you to remove the Panna Pomodoro pizza base from the packaging 15 minutes before use.
Paso 1 PannaPomodoro

Preheat the oven

Preheat the oven, both the hearth and the ceiling, between 230º and 250ºC.
Paso 2 PannaPomodoro

Add your favourite toppings

Remove the pizza base from the container and place the ingredients. Use the flat plate or rack in the center position of the oven.

Paso 3 PannaPomodoro

Leave to cook

The average cooking time is 5 to 6 minutes depending on the types of ingredients you add
Paso 4 PannaPomodoro

Ready to serve!

For a more uniform cooking, turn the pizza about 180º halfway through the oven.
Pizza Pannapomodoro