Frozen pizza base

New format of your favorite pizza base

It is a pre-cooked pizza base made with our recipe and artisanal kneading, combined with our original tomato sauce, and packaged for frozen storage.

It is an ideal product to eat with family or friends. Easy to use, and with the possibility of inventing or reinventing unique flavors in your home.

Available in pack of 2 units.

Not sure what to put on your pizza? Click here to see our tasty ideas.

Ingredientes Harina

90%Dough base

WHEAT flour, water, refined sunflower and SOYA oils (GM-free), MILK, coarse moist sea salt, sugar, fresh yeast, dry yeast (raising agents, sodium bicarbonate, rice flour), maize flour.

Ingredientes Tomate

10%Tomato sauce

Tomato concentrate made from fresh ripe tomatoes (with citric acid as a pH regulator), fine dry sea salt, refined sunflower and SOYA oils (GM-free), oregano, ground black pepper.

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