Frozen 28cm round pizza base

Frozen 28cm round pizza base

A time-saving way to make pizzas.

This frozen pre-cooked pizza base designed for industrial use, is a special product created primarily for catering establishments around the world such as hotels, restaurants, pizza places and bars.

We use a plastic film between each of the bases allowing us to create packs of 25 easy-to-use pizza bases.

There are two sizes available:

– Frozen 28 cm round pizza base.

Ingredientes Harina

90%Dough base

WHEAT flour, water, refined sunflower and SOYA oils, MILK, coarse moist sea salt, sugar, fresh yeast, dry yeast (raising agents, sodium bicarbonate, rice flour), maize flour.

Ingredientes Tomate

10%Tomato sauce

Tomato concentrate made from fresh ripe tomatoes (with citric acid as a pH regulator), fine dry sea salt, refined sunflower and SOYA oils, oregano, ground black pepper.